May 2014

Patchoo v0.99

It's here and features some great enhancements.

  • changed name of PreUpdate to patchooStart
  • new super progress bar for jamf installs!
  • new --cache mode minimises admin workload, no more passing metadata direct to the script!
  • changes to parameters and order on
  • some updated docs and screengrabs. Included the Self Service policies…
  • packaged triggers as promised.

Make sure if you were using 0.98 read the docs! The parameter order and --cache mode has changed!

Now it's as simple as uploading your package, adding a nice name in the info field, create your smart group, create your policy to cache the pkg, then just add --cache to run AFTER.


Patchoo figures out what's been added to the JAMF/Waiting Room and pulls the pkg metadata direct from the JSS api!


Now imagine if some robots could make your packages for you, then import them into the JSS and create your smart group for you.

What a world we live in!

Patchoo issues and enhancements

A bunch of people are testing it out Patchoo and directing comments and feedback to the thread on JAMFnation.

It would be best if you can start throwing issues and requests directly into Github project's issue tracker. That way I can track and nail down bugs, and fix the wonky bits of documentation.

And now on the the planned changes before I bounce it to 0.99.

Just as I released it and completed the docs, I realised that one of my grumble points from an admin workflow was the fact we had to manually pass parameters to the --cache mode and tell the script which pkg was being cached.

Can we remove this? Yes, we can!

ls -tr /Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/Waiting\ Room/ | tail -n 1 | grep -v .cache.xml

We shouldn't be parsing ls I know.. this will return the newest pkg addition to the Waiting Room. If run directly after a pkg cache, and then we check against existing patchoo pkgdata metadata, this should be pretty robust way of locating what has been cached.. without telling the script directly.

Now, how do we get a friendly name for UI?

Then we just query the JSS, pull down the pkg info, then parse out the pkg info A friendly Name for your App 14.21 can be entered into the jss via Casper Admin as you import your packages!

Now a pkg deployment / caching policy only requires that you add --cache and set it to Run After !


junki is now Patchoo!

The feedback on junki has been awesome. I am pretty amazed at how many people have checked it out and the kind words I've received!

However, junki was always a working title. It seems it's caused a bit of confusion and I really don't want to step on the toes of the Greg and the munki guys as I have the utmost respect for them.

So after a sleep deprived weekend of madness with the kids, a new name came to me in a vision...

...a weird 60s space vision...

think Mars Attacks and kitsch sci-fi ray guns as you pronounce junki's new name...


Pasted Graphic

After a mad search and replace, a repo rename ... welcome Patchoo to it's new home:

Excuse old references to junki in screenshots, but please do flag any you see. The discussion on JAMFnation is probably the best place to go to post issues, or git on Github and submit requests.


Hello junki

I am officially releasing junki into the world! (It's about time!)

Mac patching on Casper, DONE RIGHT! There are million and one ways to deploy software and patches via Casper, but I think I've built a pretty great workflow and user experience.

In between countless tonnes of desktop support, broken meeting rooms and sleepless nights with my latest family addition, I have finally got the documentation (mostly) finished, and the code to a place where it's almost readable and (mostly) works.

Head on over to it's new home on GitHub -

Watch the video, and then read (and help improve) the documentation and code! Submit some requests and I will figure out how to drive GitHub.

Again, if you like it I encourage you to say thanks with a LinkedIn reach out, endorse me, or write a nice recommendation. If you are ever in sunny Queensland Australia, you can always buy me a beer too.

Enjoy junki responsibly.