Patchoo v0.99

It's here and features some great enhancements.

  • changed name of PreUpdate to patchooStart
  • new super progress bar for jamf installs!
  • new --cache mode minimises admin workload, no more passing metadata direct to the script!
  • changes to parameters and order on
  • some updated docs and screengrabs. Included the Self Service policies…
  • packaged triggers as promised.

Make sure if you were using 0.98 read the docs! The parameter order and --cache mode has changed!

Now it's as simple as uploading your package, adding a nice name in the info field, create your smart group, create your policy to cache the pkg, then just add --cache to run AFTER.


Patchoo figures out what's been added to the JAMF/Waiting Room and pulls the pkg metadata direct from the JSS api!


Now imagine if some robots could make your packages for you, then import them into the JSS and create your smart group for you.

What a world we live in!
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