Hi, my name is Lachlan

I drive everything Apple at Youth+ within Australia. I also play some records on occasion.

I manage a fleet of 250 Macs and 300 iPads across 18 schools and several outreach locations. We deliver flexible education, which presents some really interesting challenges but is also very rewarding. Our schools give young people that have been given up on by mainstream society a second chance.

My background is within large corporate, so the change to education has been exciting.

We are a JAMF Casper house, I built Patchoo! but I also have experience with Munki, Puppet, Absolute Manage, Deploy Studio and Radmind (yikes!).

This page / blog will be dedicated to sharing some of the code and projects I am working on... generally Casper and OSX flavoured, technology news, some collaboration stuff and maybe some DJ technology.

If you'd like to linkup hit me up on LinkedIn or drop me a line via email below. If you like anything I share, connect and write me a nice recommendation there, it might help me get a raise :)

Standard disclaimer that everything expressed here is my own opinion and not that of my employer. Use any scripts at your own risk!!