Hello junki

I am officially releasing junki into the world! (It's about time!)

Mac patching on Casper, DONE RIGHT! There are million and one ways to deploy software and patches via Casper, but I think I've built a pretty great workflow and user experience.

In between countless tonnes of desktop support, broken meeting rooms and sleepless nights with my latest family addition, I have finally got the documentation (mostly) finished, and the code to a place where it's almost readable and (mostly) works.

Head on over to it's new home on GitHub - http://munkiforjamf.github.io/junki/

Watch the video, and then read (and help improve) the documentation and code! Submit some requests and I will figure out how to drive GitHub.

Again, if you like it I encourage you to say thanks with a LinkedIn reach out, endorse me, or write a nice recommendation. If you are ever in sunny Queensland Australia, you can always buy me a beer too.

Enjoy junki responsibly.

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